You Can Overcome It by “Being”

A number of years ago, I was in Vail, at a favorite store, when I came across an interesting little pewter sign. I’ve had it in our kitchen at home. Sometimes I would have a little card inserted in it for additional messaging to encourage me to overcome adversity.

Overcome Adversity by Being

For the most part it had become something that was just a part of our home.  And THEN, all of sudden I looked at this little sign, and the Heavens opened up and began to sing!

Have you ever had that happen to you? Something that is familiar, all of sudden takes on a…
whole new meaning.

Recently I was at an event and had the opportunity to hear an amazing woman…Mary Morrissey speak. (You will have an opportunity to hear some of her wisdom in the coming weeks.)  One of the things that Mary said to me was about the concept of “Being”.  I’m going to dig into a Bible story here, to make a point.

The woman that had been bleeding for 12 years approached Jesus. When she touched Jesus, he immediately felt her touch; he turned and said, “Daughter, your faith has made you well. Go in peace, and BE (emphasis mine) healed of your affliction.”

Yes, Jesus was a miracle maker. I’m not putting you on the same level of Him. Yet, so many people are of the mindset of, “What would Jesus do?” If you were to adapt that, then you too, could “Be healed, Be employed, Be financially secure,” based on the mere thought that you can BE.

You can overcome adversity by being.

Overcome Adversity with a Shift in…
Your Place of “Being”

So, what does this have to do with you? You want to feel healthy, you want an opportunity at a promotion, you want out of your current negative financial situation. What if you did/act/ behaved in a way as if what you wanted, were true? Stay with me here. By changing up your thinking and behavior, you began operating out of a different place of “Being”. Instead of facing adversity with a limiting set of beliefs, what if you overcame adversity by  just “Being” what you wanted?

For years, many of the successful people around the world, have operated from that exact place of “Being”. Here is how “Being” intersects with Strength, Dignity and Grace:

  • Strength:  Finding just enough belief and hope, to begin to “Be”, as if.
  • Dignity: Surround yourself with those individuals that can support you in the process of “Being”.
  • Grace: Forgive yourself for your limiting beliefs of the past, and those around you.

To bring you back to that pewter sign, that says; Be . . . I’ve been looking at that for a few years. Something right in front of me, with a fresh perspective, has a whole new depth of meaning. What do you have right in front of you, that now, has a newer meaning, now that you think of it?

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