Why Working More ≠ More Success

How much are you working?

I was meeting with my financial planner, the same one my husband, the dentist, works with. We were going over numbers and figures for days (not really this is a saying my teenager uses, when something takes a long time). The financial planner indicated that most dentists that he knows work 40-60 hours a week.

I was shocked by the hours.

In 2003 and 2005 the ADA conducted a Well-Being Survey and found that that Dentists that work an average of less than 32 (31.9) hours a week experience “light stress”.

Now I get that you must work at the level of patient demand.

You also desire to reach your financial goals, and have responsibilities.

Are you creating more stress for yourself, based on how many hours you are working?

High stress was reported by dentists that worked an average of 39.7 hours  (the stats are exact that’s how you know it’s the ADA doing the research).

If you are a dentist experiencing high stress and can’t figure out how to work less hours and experience less stress you will want to join Dentistry It’s Personal – Ultimate Dentist MasterMind


Sometimes it’s knowing there is another way of doing something, that is the catalyst for change. Here at Dentistry It’s Personal we believe and have found that working less hours and enjoying a more balanced lifestyle actually has the dentist experiencing more success.

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