What is Wisdom, and Why Does it Matter?

Let’s begin with a definition of wisdom; it is the ability to think and act using knowledge, experience, understanding, common sense, and insight. Why would I possibly want to focus on having wisdom and being fearless for 2015? How could that possibly relate to dentistry?


Those are great questions. Since last week I addressed 3 Life Lessons from Overcoming Fear let’s jump into the wisdom part. To move forward with knowledge, utilizing experience – yours or others – understanding, and common sense, makes sense. How that might look on a daily basis, is unique to each of us.

Why wouldn’t you want to utilize someone else’s experience? Do you think it might cut your learning curve? I know it will. The voices of the world can seem so loud. The voices of your patients and their negative view of what you do can drown out what you know deep inside of you, that still small voice that says you have something significant to offer.

That still small voice is always giving direction for our lives. It’s perfect, yet requires us to practice listening to it. To the insight for our health, well being, and our ability to live life to its fullest. The more we learn to pay attention to that voice, the more we hear it, the louder it gets, and then again, the more we hear it. Our lives have more ease to them.

Listening to that voice, allows us to put the negative we hear from our patients into perspective, and let it roll off our backs. Let’s face it, some of your patients don’t want to be seeing you. What are you doing on a daily basis to dispel all of that negativity? Learning to listen to your still small voice, allowing it to be the prevailing words you hear, will help you to enjoy life more.

Seeking the counsel of trusted colleagues that have experience; adjusting to technology; changes within the profession; selecting a new location, dealing with changes in your team; and leaning on their wisdom will ease your decision making. We all could use more ease in life. Learning to seek wisdom from others, and also looking within, is a great focus for the year. Keep coming from the vision of the life you would love to live.

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