Are you seeking more Wisdom?

Do You like to read? Me too! Amazon Prime and I are friends - at least it feels that way.

My colleagues, friends, and mentoring clients receive books and suggestions from me regularly. I didn't originally say it, yet I believe it with my whole heart - leaders are readers - the more you know, the more you grow.

Are YOU ready to be part of Deanna’s Wisdom Book Community?


I am responding to YOUR request -

You wanted to interact with me, yet not really through The Path Mentoring Program. Part of my mentoring program is reading. That got me thinking, “I could offer a Book Club.” I began putting feelers out, and I received some favorable interest.

Why not? 

I love reading, leading, and teaching YOU.


I’ll bring YOU and a group of people together for a year, 2 communities; one in-person in-Pueblo, Colorado, and one virtually, if YOU are interested in learning and discussing what YOU'VE learned in a private community. One book every two months, for an entire year. Sometimes, one month just isn’t enough, and YOU want more depth. The writer took way more time than a month to write the gold nuggets of wisdomYOU won't race through a book or lollygag either.


What this looks like . . .


I ship YOU books twice during the year, and I provide YOU with a prescribed reading schedule and then, YOU, me and the other community members participate in an ongoing weekly discussion about what YOU are learning as YOU read each book. AT least once a month YOU will gather physically or online-live-virtually.


Investing in YOURSELF is the best use of YOUR Resources!


The focus of the book selection would be personal development/transformation and real connection with real people. I don’t have a book list for YOU to review here because . . . I want to pick books that are on the market now, books that will be published in the future, and some classics I want to share with YOU. (Plus - something just for YOU - don’t ask, it’s fun to be surprised!)


YOU begin in January 2018. (There honestly are a limited number of memberships available.)


Does this sound like fun to YOU?


Benefits include YOU becoming wiser, building real relationships with other people, a renewed sense of energy and purpose from all YOU will receive. - If YOU are interested I’ll calibrate your own personal vision for the next three years of your life - only available for my private mentoring clients and now YOU and the Wisdom Book Community.


Also, imagine the perspective you’ll gain from the community’s take on each book.


Are YOU ready to be part of Deanna’s Wisdom Book community?

What this looks like. . . .

Investing in Yourself is the best use of your Resources!