So You Want to Have Fun, Join a New Community & Grow in Wisdom?


Today it seems like we are missing out on truly connecting and engaging with real people. Sure we offer a quick wave in the carpool line, nod at people in the grocery store as we dash in for a last minute ingredient for a promised covered dish at work, and hurriedly join a dear friend for coffee where we show up late, and have to dash off early. It would be Heaven to slow down and engage in meaningful conversations that take more than 140 characters to complete.




Is this You?

Reading, and truly assimilating information in the form of a book that isn’t required, except to feed your soul, would be grounding. (It is for me too.)

Being able to respond with your personal thoughts, and not having to edit them, showing up as you truly are will be incredibly freeing and life giving.

Meeting new people that are interested in growth, conversation, and wisdom sounds fun! Fun is good for you.

Reading seems like a luxury!

You deserve a little luxury in your life! Really, if reading is luxury, then now is the time for you to do more of it. I have hand selected books for you. Yes, it takes time, and you are worth it! The glorious part is, you don’t have to figure out which books are worth your time. You open your snail mail, and receive old fashioned books that you hold in your hand. You’ll crack open the book in the middle and hear the spine of of the book, pop. Your senses will come alive through the exhilaration and anticipation of you growing, and becoming more you, the you that’s been hiding.

How the Wisdom Book Community Works

  • You register
  • You will receive a confirmation email 
  • You will begin to receive your books
  • If you register for in person in Pueblo, Colorado we will begin meeting on Tuesday January 9th at 9a @ 111 W. B Street 81003, bring your first book and complete the prescribed reading - plan on 1 ½ hours, coffee & tea will be provided
  • If you register for virtual, we will begin meeting on Tuesday January 9th @ 8p East/7p Central/ 6p Mountain/5p Pac we will meet inside of our Wisdom Library found within the Private Facebook Group 1 ½ hours
  • Deanna leads the discussion, you have access to her wisdom and 30+ years of studying Personal Growth via email, and throughout the live discussion
  • Your special gift, comes directly from Deanna, with a personalized message
  • You will be invited to be part of a private Facebook Group (one for in person Community and another for the Virtual Community) where Deanna personally comments and responds to your comments and questions
  • You will receive your prescribed reading schedule
  • You will learn how to write a 3 year vision for your life, and Deanna personally calibrates it for optimum efficacy

This is for you if you like to read. Would like to read more. Are interested in growth. Desire for true connection with people. Opportunity to explore new ways of looking at spiritual principles, personal growth skills, and how to come from a vision, and not be circumstance driven. Learning and recognizing we are all intrinsically connected, there is a power that is greater than all of us, that connects us, no matter our individual beliefs.


This is not for you if you have a personal agenda, or believe that you can convince people to believe like you do.


This is a limited time offer - really no hype here. There is only room for 8 people in the Pueblo Office (housed within Personal Impact Foundation) and I’m limiting it to 20 people for the virtual online Wisdom Community. When those spots are full, they are full.  (I truly have no plans to offer this next year)

What people say about Deanna


"Deanna is a lady that stands for change, for growth, and for LIVING.  She has reminded me to thrive even when challenged by complacency.  She is someone I laugh with, can cry with, and can always look up to.   What I love, perhaps, the most about this lady is that she sees what is on the inside of others, even when they cannot see it themselves.  She saw a counselor in me , and she saw a mother and I am so thankful she did. Such gratitude for this lady." - Lynn Marie


"Deanna is a one-of-a-kind leader, teacher and visionary. She has more experience in personal development and transformational thinking than almost anyone I've ever seen. Deanna works with individuals and groups in a genuine, powerful and loving way. No one can exit a conversation with her without taking something magnificent away from it. She has helped me grow more aware of my thinking, communication and goals. Deanna is a true game changer and deeply caring thought leader. Find a way to work with and engage with her! Your life will be better and more fulfilling as a result." — Amber


“Deanna has pulled out from deep inside my true goals and dreams and has not only shown them to me but, has also laid out a map of how to get there.” — Carlos


"I truly appreciate your dedication, content, and presence to myself and and the group." - Dr. Christal


"Deanna is an insightful, gifted leader in the personal development arena. Working with Deanna is life changing, as she brings her knowledge, wisdom and love into shaping the greatness into a life I would love. Say goodbye to thoughts of feeling separated from what you truly want and step into the path to live your life to the fullest." — Dr Terry

Investment in yourself - $697 payment in full

Or 2 payments of $359 now and December 30, 2017

All shipping fees are covered with your membership

100% Money Back Guaranteed - cost of books and shipping within 60 days of beginning of Community Meetings.