Will You Read This?

Last night after a long day, my husband, the dentist, found me asleep on the back deck, with a book on my chest, and a smile on my face. I awoke with his presence, and we proceeded to have a deep, profound, rewarding conversation.

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Why should this matter to you? Because after thirty years of practice as a general solo practitioner, he still loves practicing dentistry AND knows he has something to offer his patients. As he laid his head on his pillow, he offered gratitude.

My question to you, are you grateful for your practice, your relationships, your life?

Taking time to look for what you can be grateful for/with has a direct correlation to your sense of joy, and prosperity.

Please allow me to bounce back and forth from my past week’s events and feelings, along with my husband’s.

  • I’m aggressively addressing my fear with funding for my foundation, and so grateful for doors opening and getting many financial considerations in order. Twice I had people reach out to me and offer assistance. The previous week, I envisioned assistance. I also kept the question out there, “What if it was easy to receive support and funding?”
  • The Dentist husband, reached out to a fallen away classmate, inviting him to the 30th year reunion. He was able to reassure this classmate, that friendship and camaraderie are still valued. We both are grateful for the promise of seeing this person again, soon.
  • The suction went out after only a year and a half of use, and taking 100% responsibility for the maintenance of the machine and loss of revenue while the loaner one went out after only 2 days. Frustration, yet putting systems in place to prevent a re-occurrence.
  • Creative problem solving, ideas and inspiration from others outside of my field of expertise, just like Southwest Airlines learned from NASCAR on refueling efficiency. Learning to be innovative, takes time in solitude, introspection, and research (I love this and eat this kind of stuff up). I’m creating an all new Master Class for September 7th.
  • The Husband took time to write a personal letter addressing a concern from a patient, the patient ended up staying (not leaving the practice as threatened in a letter), and this past week came in and was happy with everyone at the office.
  • I was able to talk (listening with my ears) to my son who is living and doing work in Suriname, South America. Technology, electricity, and time difference challenges have made communication difficult, yet it’s important to both of us, so we pushed through hurt feelings and frustration, to make this happen. We both deepened our respect for each others work, and learned of possible solutions from the other one, dealing with our own challenges of running start-ups.

Taking time, to be open, to take responsibility, and expressing gratitude, can ground our situations, expand our opportunities, and generate satisfying joy, along with increasing our productivity. If you found this helpful, please comment, share this post, and mostly – TAKE ACTION.

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