Who are you listening to?

There is so much information out in the world today. Pop-up ads online, social media outlets (all of them – I don’t even know how many), printed material that is unsolicited, yet mailed still the same, home page info (that’s why I really don’t have one), magazines and newspapers, TV, radio, and YES even this blog. The list goes on and on.

So, where are you getting your information from? How might you narrow the view? Who are you listening to? You listen from your vision.

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Is this fashionable? Maybe a young child would think so, or a High Schooler for a “Spirit Day”.

We always begin with the end in mind, then it’s easier, far clearer, what decisions you can make. What is important to you? What’s important to your practice, your patients? Let me share some of my personal strategy.

  • Limit negative
    • I don’t watch the news as a general rule, only occasionally when there is a significant event, and then I take care where that information comes from
    • I watch a few select TV shows, and DVR them, so I don’t watch commercials
    • When I read the newspaper, I read local information that has personal interest to me, and being part of the community
    • I subscribe to a pop-up ad blocker for social media and web browsing
  • I subscribe to print magazines and publications (some online) that feed my mind and soul (spirituality), personally and professionally
  • I block people online that send/post items that I find insulting, degrading, negative
  • I hire mentors that keep me accountable and who help expand my thinking.
  • I mastermind with colleagues

This is not an exhaustive list, and I was able to develop this as a result of writing a clear vision for my life. That vision is all encompassing, with my work (vocare’), my relationships, my health, and how I want to show up in the world.

If you would like some assistance in designing your specific ways to listen to what’s important to you, and cutting out the clutter, reach out to us here at Dentistry It’s Personal

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