What I Dreamed It Would Be

Senior pictures can be a big deal, for most. It’s a time to acknowledge the rite of passage into adulthood, and the opportunities and possibilities that are in front of the graduating individual. Some look at it like that. To some, the picture is an obligation for the yearbook, that up until the twelfth grade, has never had input from the student, other than maybe their outfit and hair style.

Emma is the youngest of five children. She’s watched older siblings go through rites of passage. In her home, graduation pictures hang on a twenty eight foot high wall, in all of their 16×20 inch framed glory, surrounded by other images of a combination of family members. Yet, the High School Senior picture reflects the personality and interests, during that particular slice in time.

Emma is a dreamer. She has learned to come from a vision, a dream she holds in her mind, until she experiences the physicality of her dream. She has attended seminars where the art and science of transformation has been explained. When Emma was six, she began participating in clinics for PeeWee Cheerleaders, where she was exposed to the fun of being a “flyer”, the one that gets tossed up and does cool poses. She began as a freshman in high school being a flyer and competing on the competitive team and cheering on the sidelines for many of the sport teams, for her school.

In the mind of a little girl, the cheerleader dates the star on the football team, and he hugs her after a victory. Again, as a result of holding that innocent image in her mind from a young age, Emma began dating a football player. And yes, after a cross town rivalry game, a picture was taken of her hugging her boyfriend, all sweaty and dirty from the trenches of a hard fought battle, in celebration of the victory. Picture perfect.

When the same boyfriend had aspirations of playing Division I football, Emma came alongside of him and helped him “hold state” of his dream, even when he began to doubt himself. In the face of coaches not believing in him, and parents giving him a backdoor of attending college “just for the education”, Emma stood firm. As parents, we don’t want our children to be disappointed, and there are times we are well meaning with our “practical” recommendations and suggestions.

That football player received a place on a team, a promise of being a “Red Shirted Freshman”, a promise of a Division I dream come true. What a dream. Emma had her own dreams about even more athletic accomplishments – her own state golf performance. She wanted to finish in the top 20 as a junior.  She did for the first of the two days, and finished number 25th.

Emma pictured herself singing the National Anthem for the boys state wrestling tournament held at the Pepsi Center in Denver, Colorado. When she would go to sporting events or concerts, she would proclaim, I’m singing the National Anthem at state wrestling, when I’m a senior; while sitting in the arena. She could picture it in her mind.

Sometimes, our dreams surpass us. Emma sang, on the same floor as many of her musical heroes, the National Anthem, at State Wrestling not her senior year, but as a junior in high school.

Recently Michael Phelps reflected on his accomplishments as an Olympic Athlete. The most decorated and successful Olympic Athlete of all time. He said he has been setting goals since he was nine years old, he could picture himself, swimming in the Olympics, and winning gold medals. Upon his return to the States, Michael recommended to competitors for America’s Got Talent, that they already have done the work to get there, now relax and enjoy the process.

What Emma has done, is not unique, many successful athletes, entertainers, and business people before her, have done the exact same thing. Picture in your mind that which you want, hold the state of that dream, that vision, take action, and enjoy your reality. There is no doubt that Emma will become a Collegiate Division II golfer. She’s already pictured it in her mind, hundreds of times on the driving range and every time she steps on a golf course to play.

On that senior picture of Emma, as she prepped for her initial session, she pictured in her mind, how that picture was going to look on the wall, next to her siblings pictures. After the first shutter click, the photographer turned the camera for Emma to see the image, and Emma said, “That is what I dreamed it would be.”




Deanna L. Robinson blogs mostly for dentists and dental specialists for  www.DentistryitsPersonal.com weekly, and researches for and creates curriculum for Dental, Medical, and Law students teacing how stress, substance abuse, and suicide can be transformed with our thoughts, backed by action.

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