What Gratitude Looks Like (even for you the dentist)

I love walking the golf course with my family members that golf. I don’t golf. I began taking lessons, loved it, had two more children to bring the total to five, and decided something more relaxing suited me better. Yet, the beauty of a course, and the relaxing time I enjoy watching and walking suits me just fine, thank you.

a fabulous spring day on the golf course for Emma

a fabulous spring day on the golf course for Emma

Sometimes, when we picture an event in our minds, we have this idyllic perfect image of how we would like things to occur. Rarely does that happen. Yet, in the imperfection of the event, we can still choose to have gratitude. That’s where the opening day of High School Girls Golf, for Emma, comes into the picture.

When my youngest daughter was born, within two weeks, I was exposed to the Fifth’s Virus. When she was six months old, I suffered a cerebral hemorrhage. I continued to suffer effects from both the virus and the hemorrhage for over ten years. Her childhood was very different from my oldest three children, and even somewhat, from her brother that is two and a half years older than her. Emma has no knowledge of what it was like to have a mom that felt well, consistently, until recently.

So, Emma is a Freshman, and made the Varsity Golf team, with her first tournament being the beginning of April. Springtime in Colorado can be volatile. Typically we have some of our biggest and wettest snow storms in March and April. The weather for the first day begin with temperatures in the mid 30’s, and overcast. We all were bundled, looking more like we were going skiing, instead of playing golf. My husband, the dentist, had his day of not seeing patients coincide with the tournament, so he was able to walk for a while. Our oldest daughter, who played for the same High School, and had been a collegiate golfer, walked along with her boyfriend.
Emma carded her best round. The sun eventually came out, and the temperatures rose to the high 50’s. It was a FABULOUS day to walk a golf course, and watch my daughter play. I’m so grateful that “I get to”, be here and experience all that the day entailed. My heart was so full of gratitude, I was brought to tears a number of times during the day. Was the weather perfect? No. Did Emma play perfect golf? No. Was there drama on the course? Yes. (It still was girl’s High School golf.)

Gratitude is so much more about our attitude, than about the circumstances. When we truly grasp that concept, more of our lives will be filled with gratitude, than with disappointment over an event or situation. We know what flows from gratitude, it’s abundance. So when we adopt an attitude of gratitude, our life becomes this great flow of abundance, and more gratitude. Appreciation for the circumstance, not the perfection of an idyllic event.

Strength- ­ to learn to appreciate and develop an attitude of gratitude, it took work, and intention.

Dignity- ­ no whining about the circumstances, like the weather.

Grace – ­ forgiveness for self for not always having gratitude, and for others that don’t have the attitude, yet.

Please, I’d love to hear your thoughts and experience around your attitude of gratitude.You may want to share an experience on a golf course. Go ahead, make a Facebook post.

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