What Do I Do Now?

There are times in our life, when something happens, and we think, NOW WHAT?!

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Here are 3 tips, that will never fail you, I promise.


  1. Take 100% responsibility. No matter where you find yourself, what has happened, take 100% responsibility for where you find yourself. Jack Canfield told me this, and my perspective has drastically changed. You’re not a victim.
  2. Life doesn’t happen to you, it happens with you. This is a little different take on number 1, yet sometimes this perspective is necessary to get to number 1. You made choices along the way that brought you to this.
  3. What can I do, with what I have, from where I am? No matter where you find yourself, there are always choices to be had. Stop and contemplate. It’s your move. (Begin with gratitude, it open you up to possibilities.)


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