What a Dream/Goal/Vision Looks Like When It’s Playing Out!

Hopefully, just like you, I began my year with Dreams/Goals/Visions written out, and detailed, with dates, so that they are measurable. WHAT?! You didn’t really do it? Please tell me that is not so! Oh you did? Whichever it is, you did or didn’t, I want to share with you, why it’s so incredibly important that you do. Seriously, it’s your life, it’s that important.

Haley Sue Robinson, Luc Robinson, Emma RobinsonSo, one of the goals that I wrote out; “I am so happy and grateful now that I’m able to promote and share my children, as I carry out my work, this year.” Now, you maybe can’t relate to my specific goal. That’s okay. You have goals that are important to you, that I wouldn’t write down. That’s not the point.  The point is, to write down, those “things” that are important to YOU. I say Goals, you can insert Dreams or Visions, whatever you are most comfortable with. As you write them down, write them in the present tense, as If, and this is important, as if, they have already  occurred.

Now, you’ll notice, I began my goal with, “I’m so happy and grateful, now that . . .” The reason I began with gratitude, is because,  gratitude operates on the same vibration as abundance. So, because we want what our goal is, we begin with gratitude. It’s a quantum physics kind of thing, and yes, it’s also in the Bible. I’d love for you to take my word on it, I’m also going to encourage you to check it out, because you should know this, for yourself, and not take my word, even though I’m trustworthy. It’ll be good for you.

So, let’s get back to the goal I wrote out. I’m in the middle of planning a small event that I’m putting together in my town, at my church. I asked my youngest two children, if they would provide some music for me. We went over ideas they had, what message I was  speaking on, and decided on some great songs. Then I knew I wanted my daughter that is in radio, to be my MC. As I was going over the flow for the evening, I experienced a stillness. Here was my goal.

Three of my five children, were going to be part of my event. I was  living out of my dream to promote and share my children.

It was as simple as that. I dreamt it, and now, my dream is playing out in my life.

Let’s look at how Strength, Dignity and Grace look here.

Strength: I had the courage to write a very personal dream out.
Dignity: My dream matters to me, and I do know, that others will be blessed by it.
Grace: I haven’t always written dreams and goals out, so I’ll forgive myself for my past, and be grateful, that this year, I did.

I’d love to hear, how writing out your Dreams/Goals/Vision has worked for you. Please share and allow us, to enjoy your success!

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