I Want You to Enjoy More Family Time

It is misplaced desire, to want more for someone, than what they want for themselves. Repeatedly, from surveys we run here at Dentistry It’s Personal, to trade journals, and generically from business owners, we know, that you want more time, to do what you enjoy doing.


May, for many parents, is a month that rivals, and actually can beat December, in the number of commitments. As we bring it to a close, my hope and desire for you, is that you were able to enjoy all of the activities that were important to you. You see, my desire matches yours, in wanting you to be able to enjoy more family time.


Just like you, I charge for my services, yet we do what we do, because we love it, and are good at it. You fix teeth, and oral health issues. Hopefully, you love having patients leave happy, pain free, and smiling. I show dentists how they can enjoy and actually experience more productivity, which allows them to take more time away from the clinic, to do, what matters to them.


This past Spring, my oldest daughter who is a Graduate Assistant and Assistant Coach for a Men’s and Women’s Golf team, helped to Coach a team to qualify to National’s, I was able to attend a day of their four days of tournament play. So did, my husband-the dentist. My youngest daughter plays High School Golf, and qualified for the two day State Tournament play, which I was able to attend. So did, my husband-the dentist.

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Family Time on the Golf Course

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Family Time on the Golf Course

I tell you this, because, like you, my family is important to me. I want you to be able to enjoy time with your family. I watched as our children attended school with kids whose fathers and mothers were Attorneys and Physicians, whose children didn’t enjoy their parents at many activities. Some, whose parents were dentists, and they weren’t at many activities, either.


Here at Dentistry It’s Personal, we want more for you. We want you to be at every event you want to attend. We want you to be able to help with homework at night, because you have the energy (hopefully the inclination, too) to help. To be able to hit golf balls at the end of a day, because your child has qualified for postseason play. Maybe it’s Pre-School graduation.


Whatever it is that’s important to you, it’s important to us too. You know what it is that you want more time to enjoy. It’s summertime, now is the time to make a decision for you.  If you would like help, in figuring out a way to do that, allow us to show you a proven method. Click here to schedule a time so that we can look at your unique situation, and give you some personalized ideas, with no sales pitch.


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