Why Would I Want to Attend That?

I asked my husband the dentist, if he would attend a “Spiritual Retreat” in Montana.

His response was, “Why would I want to attend that?”top of Beartooth Hwy

I replied, “Because I do.”

Now, this is not a blog post about marriage. It’s about thought provoking. (I know that’s not really a complete sentence.)

I wanted to attend something that provoked a different way of viewing life. It’s not the subject that was so significant. It was that together we were going to explore and experience something that neither of us had ever done.

So, my question to you is:

Are you willing to step out of your comfort zone for the sake of experiencing life in a new way? – Tweet that

How you respond to that, will let you know, if you are in a rut, with no way out, or if you are willing to take chances in life, with no safety net.

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