Volunteer to Achieve Your Full Potential

Recently, I had the chance to work with 25 young women, through the Women’s Foundation of Colorado. The Vail Valley Youth Foundation/Girl PowHER asked members of the Women’s Foundation PEP Club to participate. PEP stands for Power of Extended Philanthropy, and this presented a wonderful opportunity to act on those words and carry out the mission of helping women and girls achieve their full potential.

Deanna L. Robinson on the power of volunteering

In order to live life with Strength Dignity & Grace, we must get our eyes off ourselves. And volunteering is a wonderful way to do just that. This event reinforced this.  As I was helping someone else, I was also helping myself.

Volunteer to Help Others

I participated in Minute Mentoring.  These wonderful young women increased my optimism. As each High School aged women rotated to my spot, I had the chance to question them on their goals and direction post-High School. I was impressed that over 75% of them had written goals! That is huge!

Most of us know that if we don’t put into writing what it is we want to accomplish; it’s a wish or dream. Although many were not “sure” of direction of study, they did know they were getting a college degree!

Through my observation of the Vail Valley Foundation, they are doing one heck of a job with these young women. So much of what we are exposed to in the media, does not shine a flattering light on our young people. This event was a breath of welcomed fresh air! I was energized being part of something so positive.

Volunteer to Expand Your Horizons and…
Improve Your Life

Now let’s look at the way that  Strength Dignity & Grace showed up in this event.


I’m sure the Foundation experienced fundraising challenges, and opposition to the “unknown” success of programs like this. Personally, I had to carve out time on my calendar to volunteer and travel to this event. It takes strength of commitment on many levels to make something like this happen. Are you using your Strength to help others?

Dignity & Grace

Dignity was evident in the participants, the volunteers, and the community support. No whining about how something like this had never been done. These girls gave up 2 days of their summer to participate.  As with any first-time event, not everything ran smoothly. But instead of anxiety, it seemed to me, there was such Grace flowing because of the significance of the outcome.

My hat is off to Women’s Foundation of Colorado for helping sponsor this event, and allowing PEP members to assist. Vail Valley Foundation and the Youth Foundation for spearheading this, and a huge standing ovation to the event coordinator Heather Hower.

Volunteer to Achieve More in Your Life
and Those You Help

So, what are you doing to better your community? There are many opportunities. As I mentioned earlier,  to live life with Strength Dignity & Grace, we must get our eyes off ourselves.

You will feel better about yourself and help others in the process. Look around you, what excites you, what interests do you have? I know that you have something to offer, and there are organizations that need your help.

Please for everyone’s sake; volunteer to achieve your potential as you help others reach theirs. I’d love to know what you are doing to help others.  What motivates you?


  1. Dan Ludwig on June 27, 2012 at 10:21

    Thanks for sharing your positive messages.

  2. Deanna on June 28, 2012 at 09:06

    Blessings on you Dan, thank you for your comment, I’m thrilled you find them positive!

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