My View from My Screen to Yours

How many times do we get excited, yet most people don’t see our excitement from our perspective? I know, I’m not making sense, give me a few minutes of your time, and I think you’ll be grateful you did.

I have a huge amount of respect for you, the dentist. For your dedication, perseverance (a spelling word I remember learning in 7th grade and the teacher used it in a sentence referencing me – easy to learn then) and for what you do chairside, your commitment to excellence.  

From where I sit, my view of you, you are amazing! – tweet that

My view of you, and the work you do, is not because I actually ever perform dentistry, I observe you, the one in the 2015-02-26 11.43.29arena, the one doing the drilling and the filling. Just as a photographer tells a story with their lense, of action  stopped, I tell the story of what you do, and as with a photographer, I view it through a lense, a lense of personal development and transformational thought processes, and show you, how you might look, if . . .

If you change how you think. If you practice gratitude. If you give of yourself, without remuneration (getting compensated for), as in volunteer.

Here is a really fun article about a professional athlete, taking pictures. At the Super Bowl. Not for the sport that he is known for. Enjoy the article. Draw your own references to dentistry.

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