Ultimate Dentists

There is an option besides going it alone?

You’re a solo practitioner. Maybe you work with others or for someone. Most times, it feels like you are in your practice alone. You sure don’t want to appear weak, or unknowing. Ultimate-Dentist-Mastermind-stacked-purple-transparent-back

I get that. It’s the same for me.

That’s why I have mentors, and enjoy membership in a MasterMind.

Napoleon Hill, who studied 100 of the most successful businessmen of his time (there weren’t women in business; early 1900’s), met regularly with a group of his peers. He also stayed close to his mentor, Andrew Carnegie, seeking counsel, and gleaming wisdom.

It’s time here at Dentistry It’s Personal to introduce and roll out our own MasterMind, Ultimate Dentist MasterMind.

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