Training for 4 Areas of Improvement in Life

Recently I attended a six day full immersion training for “Full Spectrum Wealth System Strategy”. Not only do I teach transformational thought technology, I continue to study it. Just like you continue to study dental technique and the latest innovation, and practice it, I too take seriously, my continued education.

a fabulous spring day on the golf course for Emma.

My training took place at the Ritz Carlton, Half Moon Bay California.

I’d like to share with you some of the highlights of my experience. One of the sayings that I’ve adapted is, “How we do anything, is how we do everything.” I’d love to give credit for the quote, I can’t find who it originated from, I’ve been saying it for nearly five years, now. The four areas of our life are; health, relationships, vocation, and time & money freedom with philanthropy.

In order to change our thinking in an any one area, or all of them, immersing ourselves in the technology behind the desired change, helps to create a vacuum for the desired results. Our lives matter, so live deliberately. “The longer you think at an intersection (of change ) the less time you have for living.” Mary Morrissey.

You may have mastery in the area of your health, as an example. You work out, eat right, get enough sleep, etc. Is that true with all areas of your life? I’m guessing, probably not. So, my suggestion is to raise up the awareness in the other three areas of your life, and begin to make changes, so that you are able to enjoy full spectrum wealth/balance/enjoyment. I believe that you will continually be striving for that. Because, we continue to evolve in our understanding and our desires. It’s definitely worth striving for.

Let’s dial this in, so that we can see how this might look. We’ll look at relationships. I’m going to use, both a spouse and children as an example. You desire to have a more loving, positive relationship with your spouse, where both of you feel understood and communicate your needs and wants. You enjoy more time with your spouse and with your children. So, you write out, how that ideally would look, three years from now, and how it feels to have those ideal relationships.You then begin to make choices
from where you currently are in the relationships, with what you have available to you, right now. Each day you make deliberate and conscious choices to move you in the direction of your dream/vision for relationships in your life.

I’ll be giving you more specific direction in this, very soon. I’ll do it in the form of a free video. So, until then, you have enough information to get you started. Take action. I’ve given specific information for relationships, I’m sure you can see how you can utilize this in the other areas of your life.

The most important piece of this, is recognizing that you want change, and that you can create that change. Our thoughts create our reality, so by changing our thoughts, and how we relate to our circumstances, in turn, we change our circumstances.

When you first learned in Dental School how to perform a procedure, with practice, new techniques or material became available, you became proficient with a new way of performing that procedure. You evolved as a dentist, as did your technique. With new thought patterns, you can perform in a new more expansive way in life. You can evolve in your thinking.

Strength – realize that there are opportunities for how we think, and we can make a choice to improve.

Dignity – take responsibility for where you are in life, and how your life looks today.

Grace – have some forgiveness if you don’t like certain areas of your life, you now have the information to make some improvement.

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