The World of Sick

I will not go back into the world of sick. Or, if I use my words properly, I’m firmly ensconced in living healthy. The world of sick made for a way better title. Not so good in the world of transformation. And that’s where I reside.

After my initial SPECT scan (I’ll have two for the baseline) I had a chance to speak with the Chief Medical Advisor. My husband and I are very small investors in the company that is doing the scanning. They are doing very innovative work, which is why we began investing a number of years back in the company that this company was born from, and then in this company.  In talking about my fear of going back into the world of seeing doctors and having tests again, Dr. Hipskind nailed it when he summarized my fear. “You are afraid to go back into the world of the sick.” That was it! I didn’t want to go back there.


Here is what I was able to wrap my brain around (pun intended): It doesn’t matter what the results are. Seriously. I don’t care. Here is why: I’ve already decided that I will go about the work I feel called to do. It doesn’t matter what the scans show.  I’m coming from the vision that “I am the woman that causes the catalyst for transformation in the Dental Industry that currently has dentists ranked No.2 on the Suicide List. As that woman, I have a healthy strong brain.

It is a fact that just two years ago I was experiencing uncertain health. I still had intermittent head pain and days of deep exhaustion. I then decided that I would “Be Healthy.” I came from my vision of health. It’s not at all surprising that old habits may be trying to resurface, just as I’m really making headway in my business.

I have another company, Dentistry It’s Personal and I have a new online product that will be introduced in January of 2015. I’ve also been asked to develop curriculum for dental schools with my methodology. In order to fund the research and the lobbying efforts needed to change the current Continuing Education requirements of each state for dentists, I’m starting a nonprofit organization.

As you can see, I don’t have time or the desire to be sick. I also know that no one chooses to be sick. Yet, some old patterns seem to be reemerging. So I’m looking them straight in the face, shining the light of awareness on them. Fear can’t exist in the light of awareness. Do I have some underlying issue with my brain? I don’t know. I’m not going to be so fearful as to not to look into it.

So stay tuned. When I get the results once I have the second scan, which will take a bit, I’ll let you in on them. Together, we’ll see how I handle the information. I’ll be honest. Just like I was with my last post For right now, and no matter what the results tell, I will not be going back into the world of the sick. It’s an attitude thing.

Strength — Admit the fear you are experiencing. Decide what you want for your future, like living healthy—it’s a choice.

Dignity — Own your future, and no comparing what or how others handle situations.

Grace — Take time to sit with feelings, own them, be gentle with yourself, and forgive yourself if your standards aren’t met. Maybe even redefine, going forward.

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