The Path Mentoring Program

The Path Mentoring Program is for YOU

 if . . .

  • YOU imagine waking up each morning, full of gratitude and optimism, relieved of what you once felt were insurmountable burdens. YOU can live this way
  • YOU want to move into a life that is joyful, meaningful, and fulfilled in spite of YOUR circumstances
  • YOU want an infusion of positive energy mixed with results-driven guidance to create sustainable change
  • YOU want an approach that provides direction, support, and accountability for change, shifts, and transformation
  • YOU want the right mix of encouragement and challenge to help you achieve your desires and vision for your life
  • It's about choosing to take the high road that leads you to personal peace, happiness, and freedom


Most people spend more time planning a dinner party, choosing the right outfit to wear for a special event, even preparing their weekly coffee meetings with a friend, than they spend planning for their life.


"It takes strength to do the work necessary
in order for change to happen."

Deanna L. Robinson


I developed this for you, The Path Mentoring Program is based on a proven system that works. It is not an accident that you are here.  With me as your Mentor, you will generate the strength and experience the support; you will develop compassion first for yourself, then be able to extend it to others, foremost you will learn to come from a place of gratitude to move your life from where it is, to a life with purpose and meaning.  The Path is a 3-month mentoring process that includes the following:


  • 6-9  45 Minutes of Mentoring for you via Facebook video during your 3 months of The Path Mentoring Program
  • Your highly vibrational calibrated vision for now, and the knowledge of how to create one for yourself going forward
  • Follow-up emails with you between Mentoring Meetings as needed
  • My Signature Surprise Bonus Gifts specifically are chosen with you in mind - only available through Deanna L. Robinson  (You will love receiving these surprises)
  • Fee: $1997 Results: My clients say Priceless - yes I publicly publish the investment you make in yourself
  • 100 % Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee

The Path Group Mentoring Program

A fast-track solution for 3-8 participants moving towards a common goal or theme. The Path Group program is a 3-month mentoring process. If you are interested, please inquire to