The Benefits of Collaboration

Being a Solo Entrepreneur is great. That doesn’t mean I work, totally alone. I’m going to recommend, that you surround yourself with people that support you both emotionally, and intellectually. Napoleon Hill developed the concept of Master Mind Alliance. Using the  collective power of friends/colleagues to further progress forward a plan/goal towards it’s proposed outcome.

Master Minds are trending, well not on twitter, that I’m aware of. In certain industries, they are gaining in popularity. All industries would benefit from them. I’m sure you would agree that you know people, that  don’t know, and I know individuals you don’t know. You also have experiences, that I haven’t had. Using the collective brain trust  of others has been a benefit that I never saw, prior to two years ago.

Oh, wait, maybe I did. I belonged to Girl Scouts as a young girl, and we had service projects, every year. Our community benefited.  My husband belongs to a study club for continuing education. They have been able to develop a hotline for when suspected drug users  are trying to get prescriptions from Dentists. They work with area pharmacies to minimize the success of those attempts. A group of  parents, volunteers, and kids come together every summer for the benefit of the kids (and teenagers), to experience the benefits of  Vacation Bible School. These are just three examples of collaboration, or master minding, if you will.

In business, for solopreneurs, master minds, many times are the lifeline of the business.

Having someone else, or another group of  people, to bounce ideas off of, are invaluable. Just this past weekend, I spoke with a new priest. He has the benefit of being an associate,  and working with a priest that has years of experience. A huge blessing to both. They get to see how each other would  handle a situation, and have the other to discuss situations with. A master mind of sorts. Well, that’s how I viewed it.

So, if you don’t have a master mind currently, or have never had one, you should consider the benefits. Don’t wait for someone to ask  you to be part of one.

Take the initiative.

It’s what I did a couple of years ago. Now, I actually have a number of master minds I  participate in. How often you meet is dependent on the participant, and the goal of the group. I like seeing who I’m talking with, so  many times I set up a Gotomeeting so that I can see them, SKYPE is an option, too. There is one master mind I have where we live all over the world, talk once a month, it’s kind of chaotic, but has been hugely beneficial to many of the participants.

Let’s look how Strength, Dignity, and Grace look like with this.

Strength: Take initiative and start one if you aren’t currently participating in a master mind.

Dignity: Don’t complain that you don’t know what to do, or who might help you with a project. There are plenty of people that would like to help you, and that you can help, be open to the opportunity, or make an opportunity.

Grace: Forgive yourself or others for anything you are carrying around. I’m vague here, because you know what forgiving you  currently need to do.

I’d love to hear from you, if you are currently in a master mind, or going to start one. Don’t be shy, give me some love, and share with me.

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