What Does Your Team Believe About You?

I work with dentists around North America. As much as you want to believe your team is special, they are, there are also some common traits. By the way, have you ever asked them to describe you? As the dentist, you run the show, not your hygienists (even if they think the patients that they see are “theirs”), not your office coordinator, and – not even your spouse, if they work in your clinic. If there is a management company involved, it’s your practice – because it’s your license that allows patients to be seen, AND it’s the malpractice insurance that insures YOU!

During a team meeting – you may want to have everyone on the team – describe other members of the team – saying the positives only. Keep it light-hearted – this should be fun, and we all love to hear nice, truthful, things about ourselves. It’s a feel good for the team.

  • Annie the Assistant – OCD about the instruments on her tray, friendly loves a good karaoke, can run behind but always get back on schedule, don’t challenge her to Trivia Crack – she’ll beat you EVERY TIME…
  • Holly Hygienist – great at scheduling follow-ups, team player, never has an empty spot on her calendar, has a joke for every team meeting.
  • Betty in Billing – always finds a way for patients to afford treatment, hums when she eats something delicious, bakes the best pies, even tho’ her desk is a mess, can find whatever is needed in less than 2 seconds, be careful of stepping on her rhinestones, because she blings everything (beautifully).

(you get the idea)

After they finish the nice platitudes for you, the dentist, ASK – FOR THE THINGS THAT YOU MIGHT IMPROVE ON. Here’s the thing, you have to assure them, you want to improve, and you will not take retribution against them being honest – AND MEAN IT.

Why do you want this – beyond the obvious that you can improve relations with your team? Because, chances are, your patients know this about you too.


Information is the bridge that leads us to awareness

Information is the bridge that leads us to awareness

We can’t fix, what we have no awareness about. Our personal growth affects every area of our life. (Tweet That!)

Our work, our health, all of our relationships, productivity, income, and the joy we experience. So, let’s remove some of the darkness, and shine the light of awareness on ourselves.

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