Taking Time When There is None

There is a last push, to get those procrastinating patients in. My husband (The Dentist) came home last night and mentioned how they had to designed a system to prioritize patients between now and the end of the year.  This year there are more patients than in past years, that have waited.  20151203_111303

How are you doing with getting things done outside of the office? No matter what your traditions are whether they are religious based or not, there is a sense of urgency by many at the end of the calendar year.

One way to change and shift that, is to plan and decide differently.

First, do this!

Take a few minutes, no matter how busy you are to express some gratitude. It may be to a team member, a colleague that has made an impact on your life, to a supplier, to a family member.

This may seem counterintuitive. I get that you are busy, by acknowledging someone else, you are also acknowledging yourself. Take a few deep breaths and then continue.

At the beginning of 2016, I’m offering a MasterClass specially for you the dentist, I’m sure you are going to love it. I haven’t offered this class before, so you’ll want to attend.  “A Sweet Start for  2016″ Mastering Productivity & Enjoying Life More! 

If you want for this to be your last year to be controlled by circumstance, and begin to live a life you design – then make that decision.

Thank you for taking time in your life to read this weekly blog post, it means a lot to me, knowing that you care about your life, that you are making decisions to better it.

What ever way you celebrate this Holiday, even if it has no spiritual meaning for you, please celebrate the hope that is represented in all of the spiritual significance. Remember, to make some time to express gratitude.

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