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The World of Sick

I will not go back into the world of sick. Or, if I use my words properly, I’m firmly ensconced in living healthy. The world of sick made for a way better title. Not so good in the world of transformation. And that’s where I reside. After my initial SPECT scan (I’ll have two for…

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It’s back. Fear. I wasn’t admitting or talking about my fear. I pretended, it wasn’t there. And then, I had to. “Deanna, I already told you three times, I’m not repeating myself.” Dave claims with a raised voice. I can’t hide any more. In actuality, I wasn’t really hiding. It was there, just waiting. On…

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The Big Takeaway from ADA 2014

If you attended the ADA Convention in San Antonio this past week, I’m sure you are ready to get back to your patients, your team (maybe you took them with you), and get back to your routine. Did you succumb to the many hawkers of their wares? Did you promise to “get back” with someone…

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