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I’m Screaming While I’m Breathing in Peace

At this time of year, there is so much coming at us! Everything seems important. Our calendars, our family, our TO DO LIST. What really is important? There is no quick answer, one size fits all for this one. Only you get to decide, and of course, your values dictate the answer. And there is…

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How is Your Oxygen Mask Fitting?

How is Your Oxygen Mask Fitting?   Most of us have had an opportunity to fly in an airplane and hear the safety announcement prior to takeoff. “In case of an emergency, place the oxygen mask on yourself, THEN, assist those around you.” How are you doing, taking care of yourself?   Here at Dentistry…

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Ultimate Dentists

There is an option besides going it alone? You’re a solo practitioner. Maybe you work with others or for someone. Most times, it feels like you are in your practice alone. You sure don’t want to appear weak, or unknowing. I get that. It’s the same for me. That’s why I have mentors, and enjoy…

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