Sweating, Stumbling, & Success

It’s easy to get comfortable in our comfort zone.

Colorado is dry and has no humidity, Missouri, not so much. I helped move my daughter to Missouri, she will be a graduate assistant, working on her Masters, and Assistant Golf Coach for the Mens’ and Women’s teams.

Is no humidity better than humidity? NO, I’m used to to it. I’m comfortable in it.

The same can be said for how I teach, learn, write, and mentor. Is it the best way? I’m comfortable 2015-07-23 14.42.29doing it the way I do it. I’m successful at it.

I went hiking with another daughter last week. She quickly bounds up the trail, (she’s young), and I meander up after her. I took pictures of the beauty and stopped and enjoyed the sound of the creek next to the trail.

We both enjoyed our hike. Is one way better than another? No. There was a point where I was leading, and I was attempting to go quicker than I’m comfortable with, to accommodate my daughter. I stumbled, fell, and slid in the mud.  Please laugh, it was funny!

Take time this week, and really look and think about how and why you are doing things the way you are. Is there another, better way?

Slow down this week, and contemplate your comfort zone.

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