Survey SAYS . . .

If you have been practicing for at least five years, there are a few things you “know”. You have found certain things to be true for you. Well, I recently ran a survey, because I suspected, yet I wanted data to back up what I believed to “know”.

Here are the results of my survey, those polled are from around the country;2015-03-30 10.23.29

  • 63% of patients surveyed have significant interaction with their dental team/staff, 26% had some interaction, and 11% had almost no interaction with the dental team.

  • 47% of patients surveyed attend their clinic because of the dentist, 26% because of insurance, 21% follow the hygienist, less than 6% choose because of the staff.

  • 68% of patients surveyed would very likely refer others to Dental Clinic, 26% somewhat likely would refer, less than 6% would not likely refer anyone to their Dental Clinic.

Here are my broad stroke conclusions;

Most patients are going to a clinic because of the dentist, which they would be happy to refer others to and they enjoy significant interaction with the Dental Team.

I hope this brightens your day. Please let me know your thoughts on my survey and the results.


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