The Surprising #1 Key to Success

Your definition of success is no doubt different than mine. It’s most likely different than those of your classmates from Dental School. It may even be different than your spouse or partner.

If I were to tell you what has been found to be the most significant factor in success, would you be willing to do it? What if it looked differently than what you thought? What if you didn’t want to do it? The most significant factor in success is – GIVING BACK, and making a difference in society.

Does this surprise you? I recently was speaking with a mentor of mine, Don Green, he is the current CEO and President of the Napoleon Hill Foundation. Napoleon Hill wrote When-we-give-back-with‘Think and Grow Rich’ back in the early 1900’s and it’s been the most widely published and read book, second only to the Bible. Hill’s teaching still is relevant today, as much as it was when it was first introduced.

Don Green mentioned that years ago, he was talking with a psychologist friend of his that said he had never treated anyone for a mental illness that was heavily involved in helping others. Let that sit with you a minute. If helping others has an impact on our mental state, outside of our work, (the conclusion is inferred), and we know that highly successful individuals were committed to bettering the world around them, based on years of Napoleon Hill’s work, then we must draw the conclusion that giving back is the key to success.

I know there are many factors to success, and definitions of it. Maybe it’s not the #1 Key. You aren’t going to convince me. When we give back with our time and talent to better the world around us, it changes us. We become less me focused. Helping others- those less fortunate, in need, or changing a way that something has always been done, gives us a sense of purpose. More than a dollar amount in a bank account, and more than a nice trip. Because after we reach a specific dollar figure, or take that trip, what’s next?  Many times we are left with unrest.  Having studied success for years, and highly successful people, for me, it’s the #1 Key- VOLUNTEERING. Now that you know that, what are you going to do? How are you going to give of your precious resource, that which you will never get back, time?

Let me know, post a comment, send a message. Because, each one of us matters. Each one of can make a difference in the world.  What will you do?  I want to know.

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