Stress Release Plan

You have plans for your team meeting, how you want it to run. You have plans for your weekend, which activities are a must, and which are a “hope to have time for”. You have plans for how you want a procedure to go, and backup plans for “just in case”.

Typically we plan most of our life. We make decisions in advance, for how or what we want to happen. We know that life comes with stress. Do you have a plan, for how you will deal with it, when it hits? Today, let’s look at a stress release plan, for just such an occasion.

Developing a plan, so that you have peace of mind, in advance, that you will be able to take an action, will give you a sense of power. First, you want to look at potential triggers. Make a list of those. They may be last minute patient cancellations, children’s schedule change, illness by family or team member, etc. Make that list long, at least twenty-five to fifty triggers.

Then, look at possible actions you can take, that will help you feel like you are in control. Match them up from your list of triggers. Sometimes, it’s a simple system you develop, to eliminate triggers. You will have some that don’t have any possible actions you can take, next to the triggers. You may have items on your list, that will make you feel powerless. Those are the items I want to focus on. (The other things you listed, you just resolved with actionable steps.)

Now, when you look at this list of triggers, you want to break it down even further. When you have a specific trigger occur, do you have flexibility with time around that one trigger? If the answer is yes, here is where the work really happens. You get to choose your response. Will you take 5 – 20 minutes for meditation, or contemplative prayer? Are you able to plan on how you want to respond? Will you give yourself 10 minutes before you respond verbally, or talk with someone about the situation?

The next step is where coming from a vision comes in. Who do you want to be, in the moment of a trigger? What does that person look like, (the person you want to be)? Describe what that person might do, that might assist you with some actions you can take, how you will respond. I know this might sound complicated, it’s not. You must write this out, you can’t figure this out in your mind.

If you still have triggers, that you have no clue, on how you want to handle them, what stress release plan might look like for you, don’t get discouraged. Come back to the list or the one or two triggers in a few days. If you still have no ideas, that is when you reach out to me,

Here is what we know, making some advanced plans, can really give you confidence, in situations, that might have brought anxiety in the past. Knowledge is power, so is action. I believe you can develop a stress release plan or plans, and experience less stress in your life.

Please let me know how this works out for you, because, your life matters.

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