It’s not what you get in life, but what you do with life that matters!

Deanna-SpeakingPage-WebsiteDrawing from the many challenges she’s faced in her own life, Deanna L. Robinson shows others how to overcome the obstacles in theirs. Deanna’s likeable manner and motivational talks centered on her “I Get To” philosophy, will electrify and inspire your audience to new heights.

Signature Keynote Talks

  • Light the Fire Within
    How do you get from where you are today, to where you want to be.
  • I Get To!
    You decide how you view the challenges that come your way in life.
  • Strength, Dignity, & Grace
    What does that mean in today’s workplace?
  • I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me?
    Phil 4:13, Does all mean everything?
  • Wait, I can’t do that, I don’t feel well!


Your team will be inspired by Deanna’s powerful
“I Get To” message!

The turning point for Deanna was her consistent choice to view all that she experienced as a blessing. In the process of moving through unimaginable challenges and reminding herself “I Get To,” Deanna relied on strength, dignity and grace. Today she inspires her audiences to invoke these principles when confronting difficult situations.

Deanna entertains while she inspires, motivates and encourages your audience with take home strategies to live boldly and pursue your dreams, no matter what! Your audience will motivated to achieve new heights in their own lives as they listen and learn that…

Through inner strength, we learn that we are tougher than what we think, and with dignity we can go through life without complaint, which opens up new possibilities; and grace creates room to forgive ourselves and others.

Life can be really great. It’s a choice.

Contact Deanna today to book her for your event. Deanna’s talks are available as lunch-and-learns, conference breakout sessions, or workshops.  She is happy to customize her talks to meet the unique needs of your group or event.

If you’re ready to receive rave reviews and create life changing moments for your audience, book Deanna today!

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