Something Even Better Still

Sometimes, you just have to change plans midway through.

Have you ever had a day, where you just couldn’t stick to what was on your calendar and your “To Do List”?

I’ve had two such days lately. I’m so glad I did what I thought what was best, and not to what my calendar said.

The first day, my calendar had me going out of town just north of where I live. I was to drive two hours, attend (not speak at) a monthly speaking event, with lunch, a “Members Only” time with the speaker, and when that ended I had to be across the city and attend a private  reception with some women leaders celebrating National Women’s Day, then attend an opening night showing of an award winning  “Indie” film, drive home two hours away, arriving after midnight. I did none of that.

I went hiking. We have had some big snow storms in Colorado this winter, and there were a few days between the storms, where the  weather was gorgeous, and I took advantage of it. I hiked with a sweater on and the sun shining. I “thought” about my upcoming event  and pictured how I wanted it to go, in my mind’s eye. I had so many ideas, that I couldn’t help, but smile, the whole time.

I came upon an old man also hiking. I found out he was 94 years old, from London and just two years ago, would daily hike a four mile  loop. He used a walking stick that he made out of an old pipe. It was heavy. He made fun of my lightweight hiking poles. What a blessing  and inspiration to meet him on the trail. Something even better still.

Have you ever just “cancelled” a day? Were you thrilled with the  results.

Would you do it again?

A couple of days later, I had a light calendar, but long “To Do List”. I was able to squeeze in a “quick” pedicure. I was to be traveling to  Los Angeles and San Diego, with one event kicking off with a laser tag game on the beach. I couldn’t go without fresh looking polish.

I let the nail gal know I had an appointment one hour later, so just polish would be fine. I’ve known this woman for a long time, almost  20 years. It’s probably been a couple of years since I’d seen her. As she was working away on my toes, she shared that something had  been bothering her for over seven years. That’s a long time. So, I began sharing some thoughts and ideas, that would help her move  past, and get beyond the daily emotional pain she was experiencing.

We kept talking, she opened up. Time got away. I missed my appointment, with my Business Coach. As much as I hated not keeping my  word and making my appointment, I knew I was making a better choice, and making a significant impact, with someone, right in front  of me, in the moment. Something even better still.

Are you ready to just go for life, when you have the chance?

We all have to work our calendar, I get that.

What if you could design your  life, so that you could have those options?

I know we can’t always make the kind of choices I did. And yet, what if that was the way you lived your life? How would you feel about  your life? Would you feel more alive? I know I sure did, after both of those days.

So, let’s look at how Strength, Dignity, and Grace show up, with Something even better still.

Strength: Dig deep and find the courage to do, what your heart is wanting you to do, in the moment.

Dignity: In order to show up in life with a great attitude, sometimes you just need time away, or be ready to be there for someone,  because you read daily, you can do this.

Grace: Forgive yourself and others when we are less than perfect! (Sorry Annetta for no-showing you!)

If you want to come in on the conversation, please, post below. If you want to spend a few minutes with me, go over to my calendar,  and schedule some Tea Time with Deanna.

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