Snakes, Roots, and Grass OH MY!


This month we are looking at success. I know you are wondering what the title of this blog post has to do with success.

First let me ask you a question. Are you focusing on what you want or what you don’t want?

Recently I was hiking. There has been a lot of rain in Colorado in the Spring and on into Summer. Which means the mountains are filled with beautiful wild flowers and tall grasses. wildflowers

And snakes. On a recent hike Northwest of Vail, I saw FOUR SNAKES!!! It was less than four miles. That’s a lot of snakes.

Once I saw one, I was toast for the rest of the hike. I believe I saw so many because I kept looking at every root across the trail to be sure it wasn’t a snake.

I wanted peace and beauty, yet I focused on potential snakes.

Are you focusing on how many patients didn’t accept treatment plans and were no-shows for hygiene or are you focusing on those that accept treatment plans and always show up for hygiene and are compliant patients?

Focus on what you want! – Tweet that

Write out your production goals, acceptance of treatment plans AND goals for hygiene.

It’s that simple.

The next day, it was a beautiful hike, and no snakes. I’m sure there were some nearby, yet I was focused on the flowers and the sound of the creek.

Colorado Creek


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