Shift Your Thinking to Open the Doors of Possibility

Shift your thinking to see new possibilityHave you ever sat back, and thought, “This is my life?” I may know how I got here, it just doesn’t look like what I thought it would.

We get trapped by the “next” syndrome. Today I have to read this book, it’s the deadline to put my application in, call in a prescription, call my mom, have the oil changed and tires rotated, finish that paper that should have been done yesterday, do laundry I have nothing clean either do the kids, I promised I’d bring in donuts tomorrow, I’m out of printer paper . . .and on it goes!

I was listening to the radio in my car the other day, when This is Your Life came on.  I love it, the band, the lyrics, everything about the song.  Watch it and you’ll see what I mean!

Open the Doors of Opportunity with a…
Gentle Shift in Your Thinking

It got me thinking.  A few years back I was doing what I asked first, “This is my life?” I want it to be different. So, I set out to make it different by choosing  to be open to opportunities.

Now, here’s the thing, I still had to do all of the stuff that I listed above and my goal wasn’t to grow that list!  Remember, I get to, so even the mundane, I’m grateful for. Besides all that stuff I mentioned isn’t  going away.

I shifted my thinking, my prayers, my energy towards possibilities. And guess what, I had choices and opportunities.

The Journey to Improving Your Life is Not a Straight Line

The first thing that came along, which I acted on, was something that eventually lead to what I’m doing now. The path from the outside looking in was crazy! I mean it. I won’t go into all of the twists and turns, and there were plenty, even some switchbacks.

The path from the outside looking in was crazy!
Looking  from the outside in, some may  say I was a quitter, a failure, I flit and “try”  everything that comes my way. Suffice to say, here I am today, doing this.

I have arrived at a place where I say “This is my life?  Wow how amazing it is!” This happened because I decided to exercise the choice of free will. As much as I was, and still am today, grateful for all I’ve been through, I wanted something different. Are you in the same boat?

I didn’t scrap everything and start over. I made a shift, it’s a choice.
Please notice, I didn’t scrap everything and start over. I made a shift, a choice, to put myself in a position to be open to opportunities. Are you looking at opportunities, and because you’re so busy with the “next” syndrome, you’re missing them?  Try the following to get in touch with yourself and your heart:

  • Sit down, take a walk, cancel your day, (it’s amazing how the world doesn’t end), breathe.
  • Are you where you want to be?
  • Picture what you want, or what possibilities you may want to consider.
  • You have choices, exercise them! Consider them! Be open! Really, you can!

Hold On and Don’t Back Down

So, here’s the part that stops you cold in your tracks. You can’t possibly add a single thing to your plate. You are stressed to the max and already life is out of balance. Take a breath, ponder this…

Is your life so stressful, so full, so out of balance, because . . . you aren’t doing what you are meant to be doing?
It’s a choice.

So, I have one more song for you. Once you believe that you are going in the direction that was meant for you to go in, don’t let go. It is going to be a ride like nothing you’ve experienced before. Hold on, and don’t back down . . .

Lets wrap it up.

  • It takes strength to change and believe that your life can be different.
  • Dignity comes into play, when you look at your current circumstances, and choose not to complain, or to argue with those that don’t believe you can make a change.
  • When it comes to grace, not everyone is going to be happy for you, forgive them. Also, save some grace for yourself because maybe choices you made put you where you are.

Ahh, so that is what is meant by living life with, strength, dignity, & grace.



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