Seven Critical Reasons Why Personal Development is Necessary for the Dentist

This has been studied for over a hundred years, and taught by every positive thinker since Napoleon Hill. Now, we have technology that can put an image to this fact. Brain scans are amazing in what they can see. It’s now documented through technology that our thoughts matter.2015-03-25 18.52.34

Here are the 7 Critical Reasons Why Personal Development is Necessary for the Dentist (and everyone else too would benefit):


  1. Continuing Education is about more than “Drill & Fill” skills.  You’ve been walking this earth longer than you have been a dentist. What skills have you intentionally developed to handle the ebb and flow of life? They (the skills) don’t just happen, you must be intentional about developing them.

  2. Up through your education in Dental School, you were encouraged to accomplish; test scores, class rankings, passing Boards, then earning specific amounts, performing a certain amount of procedures, having a percentage of active patients. All of that is based on accomplishments. Do you know how to return to a human – being, as opposed to a human – doing? Practicing mindfulness.

  3. We now can look at how the brain responds while just reading negative words and positive words. We know that after meditating the brain actually decreases depression markings, (ruminating on possible depressing thoughts). Learn to limit how much negativity you allow in, from the news, current events, what you read, listen to, conversations you participate in, and the people around you.

  4. You are not just your thoughts. There is the you that is your body, and the you that notices your thoughts and feelings. This has been attributed to your soul, spirit, your inner self. This is not about religion.

  5. How optimistic are you? There is great power to being grateful for life itself, it’s ups and downs of life’s happenings. Developing the ability to practice perspective as a response.

  6. Learning to balance work and play. Contributing to bettering life around you through volunteerism.

  7. Designing your life, not reacting to circumstances that occur. Coming from the vision of living a life you love, intentionally. Not waiting for some day.

As important and necessary as your continued learning about current techniques and products in Dentistry, so is your personal development.

How you continue to gain skills in the art and science of life. We here at Dentistry are here to support you in that endeavor.

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