Serving First

So why do we have influence? How can we get people to pay attention to us? How can we get more people?

Interesting questions that I contemplated during my morning walk in the desert, glancing at Pikes Peak with the sun bouncing off of it. Because we care, people want what we have, offer, and are. It’s that basic. Whether you have a traditional brick-and-mortar business, like a dental clinic, or you are an online expert of something, people do business with us because they like, care, and trust us.

The real question is, how are you serving?

For over 25 years, I’ve studied personal development, and really honed in on transformational thought. I’ve invested huge amounts of money attending events, buying books, and being coached by the leaders in their fields. I network – meaning, I attend networking groups, join leadership teams, and serve. I connect people. Many times having joined these groups, I’m developing relationships by giving of myself and my connections and knowledge to others, and never really “getting” anything for my business directly.

The point I’m making is this – what we have to offer isn’t acquired overnight. It takes years, and you may not even know how you are ever going to benefit from your actions. Give first. In your own community, where you physically live, how are you giving back in ways not related to your business? As a dentist, you may go into a school and perform dental screenings. What else can you do outside of dentistry? You may be a parent and volunteer at your child’s school. In a way, that is self-serving. Give of yourself in a way that you receive no benefit, other than knowing you are making a difference in someone’s life – selfless giving.

I know because of my willingness to give of myself that when my new book comes out in December 2014, people are going to want to read it. Yet I didn’t know when I was interacting with people that I was going to have a book that people would want to read.

I served, without any notion of how might I benefit.

As we go back to the initial questions, people want to do business with us, our heart, and our willingness to give selflessly to others. It’s huge. And it’s built over time.

Here is where strength, dignity, and grace come in.

StrengthDoing what is right for others, and not looking for how we may benefit.

DignityNot complaining about how much we do, or pointing the finger at ourselves to say, “Look at me!”

GraceForgive yourself, if you haven’t done this right in the past.

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