The Science of Having More Fun and Increasing Productivity

Have you ever entertained the thought, “I am not having any fun.”? Would you like to enjoy more productivity? Well, this may surprise you, increasing one, can have an impact on the other, and most likely not in the order you are thinking.


This is where causality comes into play. You know, if this, then that.  Allow me to share a personal example. While I describe my situation, I want for you to think how this might look in your own life. I’m not sharing this merely for entertainment. I’m making a point, that when YOU increase the fun in your life, YOU will be able to enjoy more productivity, as a byproduct.


For the last few months, here at Dentistry It’s Personal, we’ve been making some changes, in our team, our messaging, our program offerings, and our interaction with others. It’s been painful, as change many times is (not always – don’t adopt that limited mindset). One day, after interviewing unsuccessfully another Virtual Assistant, I thought, “Wow, I am not having any fun! Something has to shift.” I am trying too hard, for what seems to be very little headway.


I sat and thought, for at least thirty (30) minutes, quietly. One of the thoughts I entertained was, “I miss hiking, I’m glad it’s springtime, and the weather is getting nicer.”  I knew that in order to enjoy hiking, I was going to have to schedule it on my calendar.


The next thing I did, was make a decision.  I’m going to mark off Thursdays for hiking. Within thirty-six hours, I had new opportunities within my business. With ease, I found a great Assistant. A colleague and I decided to collaborate on a project together. I received a social media message about my impact.

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Here is how it might look for you. Let’s take an example, that you enjoy playing golf. Make a decision, that you are going to play regularly, like in a “Men’s or Women’s League” or set up a weekly tee time with friends.  When you participate in something outside of the clinic, and that activity brings you joy, while working you experience “carryover” emotions, in this case, you are more joyous in the clinic.


When you are more joyous, people pick up on the emotion of well being, you are less “uptight”, and they are more accepting of treatment plans. (Currently studying this.) If more people accept treatment plans, your productivity increases.


So the question is, what are you going to do, so that you increase the fun you are having in life?


If you would like for some specific help with this, and how this might look for you, go here and schedule a complimentary – no sales pitch 30 minutes of mentoring with me

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