The Rocky Road to Success

The definition of success is as individual as your fingerprints. So is the path you take to get there.  Chances are, if I asked you to define success for you, you could tell me what that would be. Most likely once you reach what you thought would define success for you, you realize you’ve changed your definition.

Garden of the Gods

Red Rock Spirals at Garden of the Gods

Not only will Dentistry It’s Personal teach you and help you develop a system to achieve success, we strive for it ourselves. Personal application and proficiency is a prerequisite to being able to share principles and methodology with others. This is where “the road to success can be rocky” comes into play.

What we do and how we do it at Dentistry It’s Personal is unique and trendsetting. There are many marketing and consulting companies for dentists out there. That’s not what we do. We take your current approach, and how you think about your practice and interactions with patients, and train you to think differently, in order for you to have the success you desire.

Because I have a background in the legal field, I want a trademark for our brand. I couldn’t get it with the existing logo and the way we were using our brand. So change is a coming. That’s where our definition of  success, or in this case how we were showing up, needed some changing.

In the middle of this change, all the while still working the business, I had to replace a team member. You’ve never had that happen, right?! It happens to all of us, and it is never convenient. I’m sure you have a schedule booked with patients, and it’s not like you can cancel them. How do you go forward? It’s a choice.

You get to choose how you think about the situation. Do you react, or do you take a breath and decide that how you are going to view the situation as a blessing to your practice? There is a big difference in the energy around your response and how you think about it. Are you welcoming the unexpected change? Or are you being fearful?

How you respond to those questions will determine the ease of your shifting through the change of personnel. When I realized that I needed to make a change in my team, it’s because of my mindset that the road was a little less rocky. Yes, it still was rocky, but my attitude stayed positive. I chose to look at the unplanned situation as something that would ultimately be great for the company. Are you able to navigate on your road to success the same way? That is my hope for you.

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