Recognizing Opportunity, It Doesn't Look Like What You Think

Do you ever have those thoughts of, “Well, that’s different?”

Many times we go about our lives, with what feels like a comfortable rhythm. Hopefully, it’s comfortable.

And then . . .

Opportunity comes knocking.

Do you recognize it? I hope you do. Sometimes I do, sometimes – not so much.

I receive a ton of emails, and I’m always unsubscribing. Hopefully, my attention is pulled in the direction of what I’m wanting more of.

Recently, I had an opportunity to participate in a talk at Harvard. The thing is, I never saw the inquiry. I missed the opportunity.  Warm Market FB image

Tonight, I’m teaching a Master Class, hopefully you’ve registered. If not, for your sake, don’t miss this opportunity. You may think, “Oh, I’ll catch the next one.”

This may be your time, to expand, to grow, to experience new, in a different way. I hope you join me.

It’s an opportunity.


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