You Really Don’t Want Every Patient

I wanted to title this, Pinecones & Patients. I was afraid you wouldn’t want to read it, so we ended up with You Really Don’t Want Every Patient. I was thinking of you, while hiking on Mother’s Day. Really, I was.


Just as I know, that my message, style of teaching, and how I conduct my business, isn’t for everyone, we wouldn’t want every seed held within a pinecone to germinate and grow a pine tree, you don’t want every patient.


Not every patient is compliant. Not every patient wants the unique way, you relate to and treat your patients. YET, there are plenty of patients, that do.


The past couple of months, I’ve been given opportunities to develop a number of projects and programs, that you might find beneficial. Yet, I am going to pass on them. I am clear on my mission.  To lead dentists in an awareness, that living a joy filled life, is not defined by a dollar amount in the bank – or net worth. That by increasing our gratitude, our willingness to  give to our communities, and increasing our productivity, experiencing joy will be a byproduct.


I do that, not by inundating you with more – programs and content. I do it the same way I recommend you build your practice. Quality over quantity.  I am more committed to my time away from my computer, through hiking, time with family, community involvement, and my own personal studying. For you, having quality, compliant, and grateful patients, so that you can enjoy life outside of your office, doing leisure activities that bring you joy, spending time with family and friends, community involvement, and yes, personal development.


If every seed, within every pinecone became a tree, our forests would be overcrowded, trees would be more susceptible to disease and fire danger, and we wouldn’t get to enjoy the beauty of a tree that has room to grow. This is what I was thinking of while hiking. And you.


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So, there is a similarity between pinecones and patients. Maybe, that would have been a good title. Maybe, not so much. We have some great programs here at Dentistry It’s Personal. If we can be of contribution, please reach out to us. If you are having difficulty in seeing that quantity isn’t necessarily a good thing, we can help you with that.

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