Read THIS for Success

If you haven’t figured out the theme for July, it is SUCCESS

Hopefully you KNOW that I’m a huge proponent of reading. Not reading just anything, yes you can be inspired by Sports Illustrated. Successful athletes usually have some pretty cool insights.

I want to share with you a favorite book of mine. (You won’t want to count how many books I say are a favorite.)

The Success Principles; How to Get from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be by Jack Canfield (Yes the same one I mentioned that I’ve had lunch with a couple of years ago – I’m shameless).  2013-05-23 15.46.52

It’s now published with updates and revisions in honor of it’s 10th Anniversary. (previously sold 500,000 copies)

It’s as big as some editions of the Bible, it’s huge.

I still recommend reading it. Principal 8 Chunk It Down.

You can also find Jack on GAIAM TV. I was looking for a program on Yoga . . .

the point is, you can watch him in action.

Jack is brilliant on success. You’ll want to take action on his suggestions –

YES, they will work for you, the dentist, I promise.

So pick up a copy or download it on an e-reader.

Let me know when you begin reading and then, leave a comment, please.

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