Quality of Thoroughness and You

As a dentist (or specialist) you have developed a keen ability to concentrate, while working on patients. I have no doubt of that. My guess is that you also are able to carry that skill over to other parts of your life. You are able to concentrate while sinking a putt, tying a fly on your line, or whatever your chosen act of relaxation is, concentrating on being able to do that well.


I’m going to liken that to looking at something thru a microscope, (or loupes). What if . . . you were to take a broader view, at not just one or two parts of your life, but take in, the view of your life, in its entirety, and increase the quality of focus?


I’m going to quote an excerpt of a book that is FABULOUS!!! I can’t give you the title yet, because it’s not released until August (I’ll be sending it to members of the Ultimate Dentist MasterMind for their book of the month). It’s so filled with valuable information, that I don’t want you to wait to benefit from it.

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A great quote from the author of Think and Grow Rich

“Concentration will be of value to you in two ways:

  1. It will give you a minute and specialized knowledge of things and make you an expert in your line.

Few people realize the immense part that the quality of thoroughness plays in the life of the successful man/woman. The man/woman of millions has generally earned every dollar of their money by doing everything they undertook just a little better than the next man/woman.


The average man/woman is superficial. Their motto is “To seem, not to be.” They are willing to “let well enough alone.” and has a very modest conception of what “well enough” is.

  1. (And this point is much the more important of the two.)

Concentration, whether you will or not, will necessarily result in your driving ahead with all your energy in pursuit of a given end until your point is gained.

Looking within and see what is taking place at this moment. This is the thing called consciousness. It is not an aimless current. It does not flow through the hills and valleys of life adapting itself to the contours of the physical environment. It is a stream that can, if need be, flow uphill. It is consciousness with at “will”. It is consciousness that labors to preserve you, to promote your free development, and to further your practical success.”

Napoleon Hill 1918 speech


Now the point I’m making is, you concentrate practicing dentistry. Take that kind of focus, and expand using it in other areas of your life; relationships, health, community involvement, and you will see the quality of those areas improve. The by-product will be success. The thoroughness of all aspects of your life, not just the financial part.


We know that success isn’t just a dollar figure in the bank/investments. There are other factors that contribute to it, that’s why we refer to it as a prosperous life. It’s more inclusive than money alone. So when you increase your quality of thoroughness, you will experience prosperity and joy.


Am I making it too simple? I don’t believe I am. Let me know your thoughts.


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