Put Blinders on to Increase Focus

Last season, the Denver Broncos were the Super Bowl Champions. I’m not rubbing it in, even though I’ve been a Broncos fan my entire life. Shortly after training camp, their Head Coach Gary Kubiak said, “We’re not defending anything, we’re chasing the next one.”

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So last week, you accomplished your “production” goals for the month. Are you going to rest on your laurels (The expression “resting on one’s laurels” refers to someone relying entirely on long-past successes for continued fame or recognition.) A prosperous life, is more than just production goals. Put your blinders on to increase your focus!


It’s about focusing on ONE THING; that one thing that makes your practice special (family friendly), or (best cosmetic dentist in your town), or improving your health, or spending more time with family and friends.


Hang with me here. We know that if you improve one area of your life, that the Universal Law will kick in, and other areas will experience improvement. To be clear, you are only going to focus on ONE THING at a time, put blinders on, and focus on the ONE THING.  Chase it with determination, that doesn’t mean your life has to get totally out of balance. Usually, it means there actually is more balance. Yet, your focus is on that ONE THING.


If you are a golfer, you aren’t going to focus on your long game, your putting, and your approach shots all at the same time. If you are playing a round, yes you will use all of those, you may even warm up (I recommend it) practicing all of those. Yet, your focused practice will be with one aspect of your game. You might even try putting blinders on while focusing on your putting.


Whatever success you’ve had in the past – good for you. I mean it. Now, let’s do something else. If you are relatively happy with your golf game (golfers are never really satisfied), or you have reached a fitness goal, or run your first Iron Man, now is the time to focus on another area of your life. That is what helps create a prosperous life, and you’ll experience joy, along the way.


Remember to celebrate victories on the way to your goal, put your blinders on to really make headway. If you’d like so input, reach out to us, here at Dentistry It’s Personal.

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