How Productivity and Integrity are Related

I know you are working hard to increase your productivity. It can be an ongoing effort and goal. We here at Dentistry It’s Personal are working on reflecting how the work we do, helps you do that. So, if you haven’t checked out our new website, please do so here:

Integrity is all about keeping your word. I’d like to share with you and show you, how you are showing up as a person of integrity, is affecting your productivity.  No matter if you are doing a good job or a poor job, your productivity will partially reflect your character.


this picture has nothing to do with integrity or productivity, it’s just a cool picture I took recently while in New York City

(this picture has nothing to do with integrity or productivity, it’s just a cool picture I took recently while in New York City)


Let’s look at how your integrity is being displayed.

  • Are you on time for the majority of your appointments?
  • Are patients having to wait 5 minutes or more after the scheduled appointment time before they are seated in an exam room?
  • Once seated, are they waiting longer than 5 minutes after the Assistant has completed her preliminary work?
  • When a price is quoted, do you then charge “hidden fees”?
  • Do you consistently attempt to “upsell” services or treatment?
  • Are you timely with your billing?
  • Do you pay your team on time and with a funded check?
  • Are you and your team current with your CE requirements?
  • Do you pay all of your suppliers and labs in a timely manner?
  • Do you cut corners on how you perform your work?
  • Are you honest with how you handle insurance reimbursement and charges?
  • Do you ask your team to “tell little white lies” for you?
  • Are you faithful to your spouse or partner?
  • Do you do things that “no one will ever know”?


You already know if you are a person of integrity. So, do your patients. If you don’t like how you answered each of those questions, or would like to change how you show up. Today, make a decision to change. Then take one action step towards you becoming a person of integrity. You keep doing that, and in very little time, you will see your production numbers begin to change, for the better. Your integrity should be part of your culture, and the vision you set out for your practice.

You set the energy, and the flow. Your team follows you. Integrity in an office/clinic, is set by the dentist. Set the bar high, you’ll never regret it.

We here at Dentistry It’s Personal know that integrity matters. If you aren’t happy with a service we provide, let us know, we will make it right, or refund your money. We’re happy, when you are happy.

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