Praise for Deanna L. Robinson

“The only source of knowledge is experience”

 —Albert Einstein


“Deanna is an insightful, gifted leader in the personal development arena. Working with Deanna is life changing, as she brings her knowledge, wisdom and love into shaping the greatness into a life I would love. Say good-bye to thoughts of feeling separated from what you truly want and step into the path to live your life to the fullest.” — Dr Terry Lynch, Physical Therapist, Author, Speaker, Energist Coaching

“Deanna is a one-of-a-kind leader, teacher and visionary. She has more experience in personal development and transformational thinking than almost anyone I’ve ever seen. Deanna works with individuals and groups in a genuine, powerful and loving way. No one can exit a conversation with her without taking something magnificent away from it. She has helped me grow more aware of my thinking, communication and goals. Deanna is a true game changer and deeply caring thought leader. Find a way to work with and engage with her! Your life will be better and more fulfilling as a result.” — Amber Ludwig

“Deanna Robinson has the rare ability to transform personal growth into radical business growth. Her magnetic energy and innovative teachings result in two of life’s most desired outcomes…. Happiness and Profits.” — Allison Maslan, Best Selling Author and CEO, Blast Off Business Mentoring

“Deanna has pulled out from deep inside my true goals and dreams and has not only shown them to me but, has also laid out a map of how to get there.” — Carlos

“I will be soon graduating with an MA in Counseling. I am reminded of the advice and the encouragement of Deanna. She had known I wanted to be a counselor and encouraged me to pursue my dream…at a time when I was perhaps stagnant. I am so thankful for her loyalty and belief in me, as her advice was a big component in where I am today! She was someone who believed in me when I perhaps did not.” — Lynn Marie

“Thank you for helping me to be reflective. Thank you for helping me to transfer what I knew in my professional life to be the best choices to my personal life. Thank you for helping me to not make excuses. Thank you for your uncompromising support in my life! I appreciate you and who you have been to me.”  — Matthew