Planning For Your Future

Don’t you love it when things, life, actually turns out, how you plan for it? You envision getting accepted into Dental School, passing your boards, and one day, practicing dentistry. And look at you, you are doing it! Good for you! We’re going to paint a picture here of how to look at the future.


I was in San Diego/La Jolla a few months ago, attending a meeting with my business coach. I took an extra day, before returning to Colorado. This was something that I had actually put in my vision for the year. After attending conferences or out of town events, to allow an extra day to create space in my schedule, many times I would stay on, before traveling home. On this day, I went for an early morning walk on the beach, and as I was retracing my steps, I saw this triangle shaped park surrounded by palm trees, that I actually had a view of, from my hotel room balcony. I noticed something that I thought was interesting.

 There were three sizes of palm trees. Some of the trees were incredibly tall, as you can see by the picture. Some of the palm trees, were just tall. And then, there were really short, what I’ll call; baby palms. Everything was evenly spaced. And there in this small park by the ocean, was this great lesson. Plan for the future, especially when everything is going, just how you planned for it. There will come a time, when those very tall palm trees, no longer will be swaying in the wind. When that day happens, there will still be palm trees in the park, along the beach. Someone had planned for the future.

Are you systematizing your practice, for when someone on your team can no longer do their work, someone else can easily step in, and get things done? Right now, your attitude and spirits may be flying high, because everything is going according to plan.

How will you handle things, when life throws you a curve ball?

Do you have the mental fortitude to continue swinging for the fences? Now is the time, to plant the baby palm trees. Just as continuing education has been important in keeping you current with new technology and implementation of new skills, personal development will keep you in the batter’s box of life.

Honing your skills on training your mind how to think, will create the mindset for being prepared for changes in the future. Planting baby palm trees.

Strength – It takes effort beyond what you are currently doing, to plan for the future. Not resting on current success, requires fortitude.

Dignity – Take responsibility for your future, and be proactive. You now are informed.

Grace – If you haven’t done this, up until now, it’s not too late. Forgive yourself, and take action!

 I’d love to hear, your thoughts on this. Share with me what you thought of my baseball imagery, and what steps you are taking to plan for your future.

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