Overcoming Obstacles to Effective Networking

Overcome Obstacles to networkingI recently was asked, what do you speak on? I replied, “Overcoming obstacles and Networking.” This person looked at me, and asked why?

“Why what, my inner voice was challenging.” Instead I replied, “Because of my life experiences.” It may seem odd, but to me, it’s as natural as breathing.” Again, my inner voice wanted to interject, “Really they are related.” Instead I smiled.

Networking and Being the New Kid in Town

Let me explain about this whole networking thing being as natural as breathing. It hasn’t always been that way. When I was very young, I was shy. We moved around quite a bit, growing up.

When I was the new girl in class or the neighborhood, it was tough, no one needed a new friend, they had friends.

I learned to make my way. Create situations where they wanted to include the new girl.

I remember in High School, I moved right before my Senior year. I was the new girl in town, someone new to date. That move was probably my easiest transition, even though I told my parents they were ruining my life. I was the typical dramatic teenager.

Not only did that move not ruin my life, it’s because of that move, I met my husband.  It put me where I am today.

Remove Obstacles to Networking with a…
Shift in Attitude

Here is what I’ve learned moving so much, changing jobs, changing careers (a lot)…

If you decide it’s going to be OK, it will be OK.

If you want to meet new people and truly connect with them, you will, and you can.

What’s the secret? 

It’s not about you, it’s about them, their new job or new career or their  town. No one really wants to hear about, “Well, when I lived in such and such town, they did this. My old friends, we always did things like this.

Insert some dignity here. No one is interested, beyond being polite. People care about what they are currently doing. Are you getting the picture? Look forward.

You get to! (I learned how this applied in hindsight.) Learn new ways of doing things, meet new people, find out about a new situation. Beside making the most of your new, whatever, it totally is engaging. It’s fun!

It’s a choice of how you view it. It’s a challenge. Yes, it’s going to take some strength not to crawl back into bed, bury your head, and want what is known and comfortable. We don’t get to go back. There is no time travel to yesterday.

Life is ever changing. Apply inner strength here. And maybe a double shot of espresso.

Networking Means New…And That Can Be Scary

Here’s the thing. What choice do you have? You’re going to have to get in the ring and fight. Fight for new friends, new business contacts, new ways of doing things. I used to talk on a phone with a curly cord. I also used to snow ski on long thin skis.

New, doesn’t have to be scary, it’s just different. Thankfully we aren’t tethered to the wall in order to talk on the phone. My shaped skis took some time to get used to, I no longer ski the green slopes. Today, your life is different than what it was yesterday.

It’s a Choice…Decide to Make the Most of IT!

Decide to make the most of it.

We’re gonna look at how grace plays into this. Have you ever met someone, and said the most dumb/embarrassing/nonsensical (definition: making no sense) thing? You have, wow, you are the only one! No, really, we all do it. We want the floor to swallow us up, it doesn’t, life goes on.

Forgive yourself, and when you are in the presence of someone doing the above, forgive them. That being human thing is so difficult, sometimes. If you’ve read anything about me, you know my life has presented be with lot’s of opportunity to overcome obstacles part. A lot of us have. I talk about it, and help others live it, just like breathing.

So, the big question, do you see how overcoming obstacles and networking are related?

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