Overcome Adversity with a Shift in Attitude


hen adversity strikes, is your first thought, what a blessing? Thank you God, I’m so glad that happened like that! I have to say for me, most times, it is. Here is why:

“I just can’t help myself, it’s become a habit!”

It takes twenty-one days to create a habit. Healthy eating, exercising, anything new, it takes doing it day after day for twenty-one days. Then, you can’t help yourself, you do it automatically.

“What a Blessing” Shifts Your Perspective… when Adversity Strikes

I’m sure you’ve heard how the state of Colorado has been on fire, literally, along with extremely high temperatures. So, after working in the northern part of the state, my Husband and I  headed to the mountains, in search of some cooler temps and maybe some less smoky air. We headed out of town, and for about 45 minutes,  traveled a two lane mountain road, with an occasional cabin or turnoff. Then we got to our destination. The place had no ice, so out headed the Husband. Within 10 minutes, I get a call on the cell phone, we had radiator problems. In this small mountain town, he needed to find a repair shop on a Friday afternoon.

Seriously, my first thought, “Thank You God! What a blessing this didn’t happen on our way into town.”

We would not have had many places we could have turned off, and there were many times we didn’t have cell phone service, yet alone a repair shop or even a gas station, (convenience store if you were born after 1990) They needed to order a part, which had to come from Detroit, it would take about a week. There was a major holiday in the middle of the week, so we would be fortunate if that was all it took. So, Husband got a ride back to where we were staying.

A Change in Attitude Opens the Door to Possibility

The next day, we walked into town, and were just beginning a walking tour of the shops and sites, when, we got a call from the garage that had Husband’s car. They fixed it! And it was cheap, really. If we had been able to get the part, it would have been many hundreds to fix. The total bill was $120. Parts and labor. You talk about a blessing. The best part, we weren’t asking ourselves, “Why did this happen?” “How horrible, a weekend away, and this happens to us!” We were grateful of the timing, that we were able to get help in this little town. And now, it was fixed, with ease no less. Praise God.

A Cerebral Hemorrhage Taught Me to Overcome Adversity  by Changing My Perspective

So, is this your first reaction, or do you respond differently? Do you respond more like what my Husband and I  weren’t saying to ourselves. All I know, this works for me. And I wasn’t always like this. It took having that cerebral hemorrhage 13+ years ago, to look at life differently.  I get to! Now, I get to experience all the ups and downs of life. It’s all a blessing.

Strength, Dignity & Grace to Overcome Adversity

Strength – We need strength sometimes just to put our feet on the floor and begin a new day.

Dignity – Dignity is the choice to view all of life as a blessing, no whining, on what or how things happen, how good or bad we may feel.

Grace – Grace is to forgive ourselves when we don’t do the above, or when others don’t. Because I’ve looked at life differently for more than twenty-one days, it has become a habit. You should try it. Being able to look at adversity as a blessing can change your life, it did mine.

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