The Path Mentoring Program

The Path Mentoring Program

Overcome Adversity with Deanna L. Robinsons Path MentoringIf you were asked, “What is your purpose? What is your vision for your life? What are your goals?” — do you have the answers? Do you even know where to begin?

Most people spend more time planning a dinner party, choosing the right outfit to wear for a special event, even preparing their weekly coffee meetings with a friend, than they spend planning for their life.

Your goals are the means by which you reach your vision. The vision represents what you want to create with your life. The goal represents the various aspects of how you are doing it, and these are fueled by your inspired purpose.

The Path Mentoring Program has been designed to guide you to find the right path to take. Discover what really matters to you, and how to achieve it. You can intentionally chart out the course you take, The Path you follow, to live the life you want.

You can unravel the yucky gnarly awful mess that adversity creates. No matter how lost in the wilderness of life, through the forks in the road and the uphill battles, the many challenging situations, you can still find The Path that leads you to a productive, engaging, and meaningful life.

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