Open to New Ideas and Ways of Doing Business

Are you defenseless? I was reading a great blog that I get emailed to me daily from an amazing man, that really is tops in the world of marketing. Seth Godin is a prolific writer and best-selling author, and pens the #1-followed blog. What does this have to do with dentistry? Everything! Business is business. How you practice is personal (yes, that’s how I came up with the brand name), but excelling in business is the same around the world. One patient (client) at a time, with the right mindset.

“The person who has ideas that are well defended isn’t going to be able to listen carefully for the lessons that can help him change those ideas. And the person who is defensive not only won’t hear the ideas, but he’ll push away anyone generous enough to share them.

Defenseless is the best choice for those seeking to grow.”

-Seth Godin

When you hear of new ideas on how to grow your practice, new techniques and products, or innovative ways to expand your personal life, are you open to them, or do you defend your tried and true methods? How you respond is actually very telling. Here is what I’m not saying. With every new trend or idea, you change and shift. You go with whatever is the latest and greatest. You have no convictions, so you change with every whim or suggestion that comes along. None of those are great places to come from.

Let’s look at some innovative and creative ideas you may want to consider. Consider personal development to be as crucial as your technical skills (because they are). Do some research and find out what is available for leadership training, and choose someone that you can relate to. Invest your time on a daily basis learning how to achieve your dreams and goals.

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You may have reached a level of success that has you comfortable. Is it enough? I’m not talking about revenue dollars here. I’m referring to your impact on the world around you. Is what you are currently doing having a positive impact in the world, besides providing quality dentistry to your patients? Hear me when I say that your patients’ satisfaction is important. So is sharing your gifts, talents, and passion to better the world around you. Have you considered that?

Looking at your whole life, and not just your practice, may be something that you have never really given thought to. What is your legacy to your family, your community, your team (staff), and the world as a whole? You have to plan for a legacy – they don’t just happen. How do you begin? Take some time and write down what is important to you. Write down long-forgotten dreams and hopes. Take one step today in the direction of those dreams. You don’t have to have everything figured out. Do one thing. Yes, it could be scary and you may feel as though you have no idea what you are doing, but do it anyway. Do something new. Let the walls of defensiveness come down, be willing to change, with a purpose in mind.

Let’s look at what strength, dignity, and grace look like when we are open to newness.

Strength – It takes being willing to be vulnerable, and overcoming fear to look with fresh eyes at your life.

Dignity – Take ownership and responsibility for where your practice and personal life is today.

Grace – Don’t be hard on yourself if you don’t like the direction you are going or if you have become complacent. Begin with Strength.

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