One Year Anniversary of Dentistry It's Personal!

We have been working diligently here at Dentistry It’s Personal (DIP). Had it not been for LinkedIn emails, our one year anniversary would have gone by, un-noticed. Well, kind of. We now get to apply for approval of CE credits for our programs. That’s a biggie, we believe.

We’d like to take this opportunity to share with you, what we’ve been up to. We believe it’s been significant, hopefully, you will see it in the same light.


  • We continue to offer FREE daily inspiration through Deanna’s Daily videos, delivered conveniently to your inbox.
  • Weekly we inspire you through our Dentistry It’s Personal Blog.
  • We brought you 7 Best Practices for Joy and Success, that has been updated to 5 Best Practices for Joy and Success to be released by the end of 2014. (We respect your time and were able to deliver more value in less time to you!)
  • We heard your desire to address your wanting of more time and more money. We specifically design programs to address your needs/wants.
  • Developed the Deep Dive Program, where we tailor our information and training for your specific needs/desires. We come to YOU! A steal at $4697.
  • Applied for our trademark for Dentistry It’s Personal. A big deal legally, and moving forward. That’s why the new logo and tagline.
  • We were corporate sponsors for a Charity Golf Tournament benefiting Veterans. Very proud of this.
  • We financially support the work of a non-profit that deals with suicide prevention.
  • Provide a FREE lunch-n-learn program for the entire Dental Team, which has been so well received and Offices/Clinics are seeing a “Big Boost in their Bottom Line”. Contact us if you would like one in YOUR office/clinic.
  • It has been requested that we develop a curriculum for Dental Schools with our methodology of dealing with stress and life management skills for the dentist AND the dental student. We are in the process of developing this.

  • As a result of the  request for science based Dental School curriculum, we are developing a non-profit for ongoing research to back our methodology AND provide testimonial speaking/lobbying efforts on the benefits of personal development for the Dentist/Dental Student and the need for CE requirements for all North American Dentists to engage in such ongoing training, to address the high suicide incident in the Dental profession, by Dentists and Dental School Students.
  • We are coordinating our efforts with the ADA, to address the high suicide rate amongst Dentists and Dental Students.
  • We continue our own training in Personal Development and Transformational Thought, with 26+ days of training this year, and over 225 MasterMind Meetings, (with clients and personal participation).

Taking stock in business is important, for us, and for you also as a Dentist. We engage with Business Coaches, Business Mentors, and Transformational Thought Mentors. We here at Dentistry It’s Personal do the exact same things we recommend for you. Invest in yourselves/ourselves, and your/our community. Happy First Year Anniversary Dentistry It’s Personal!

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