Observation to Conclusion

I attended a few social outings this past week. One was my husband-the-dentist’s Study Club, and the other was a College football game. I observed different individuals and came to the same conclusion.

Social Media engagement – MATTERS

Your patients are watching you. If you aren’t current with technology that relates to social media, how current are you on technology and how it relates to today’s dental practices? How we do anything is how we do everything. – Tweet that

I don’t want to see my child’s teacher follow them on social media.

I know that I don’t share the above opinion with all teachers or parents. Appropriate boundaries are appropriate in all areas of life.

Here is the point, social media, email messages, texting are part of life, they aren’t going away. Learn about these communication opportunities, or become irrelevant.


If/when someone doesn’t embrace new extend grace, which ultimately is love. I won’t shame you, I won’t talk behind your back, and I ask, that you do the same. We’re all doing the best we can, if you aren’t, I’ll believe you are, doing your best, and I’ll extend you grace.

I’m stepping down off of my soap box now, thank you.

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